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  • Realistic

    Imagine a penis to vibrate: The reality that leads to the red...

    Made out of silicon or rubber have a great durability and are very easy to clean. Are incredibly versatile. Retain heat fantastically well, which means that you feel the reality in your fantasy... is not perfect?

  • Classic Vibrators

    Versatility and pleasure in one: You only find out your texture preferred...

    These can be used for stimulation clitoral direct and to the insertion. The vibrators classics are an inexpensive way to experiment with vibrators and also pleasurable...

  • Eggs Vibrating

    These toys are of different sizes and shapes and similar to the balls for Kegel exercises, but, have a vibrating motor situated within, instead of weights. Some have a wired controller, while others work with a command, allowing you to games couple incredible. Provide speeds and patterns of vibration directly in the point of pleasure to the inner most sensitive - the G-Spot!

  • Double

    Pleasure double: double pleasure for you or for you!

    Perfect for sharing, vibrators that prove that two heads are better than one. But, also you can decide to monopolize all to thyself. Wonderful sex between two women who want to be penetrated at the same time.

  • Luxurious

    The lúxúria of pleasure: Toys that will take you to get your hands to the head!

    If you want the best technology and the best materials you can opt for one of our vibrators luxury. These sex toys elegant and ergonomic designed to look for them and just so you feel everything that they will be able to provide... you will not regret it!!

  • 50 Shades of Grey

    Luxury toys for all tastes: special Collections, at the best prices!

    The sequel to the movie 50 Shades did born this range of sex toys for all tastes and made with materials that are absolutely incredible: metal luxury leather and silicones velvety. Choose your preferred and do not you'll regret it!

  • Silent

    Shhh!! For only thou hearken unto thee...

    If shares a house, if you have children or you live at home with your family, then this criterion will be important. If you want the maximum pleasure with the minimum of noise, here is everything you are looking... only you will listen to your breathing!

  • Rechargeable

    You can't run out of batteries in the middle: Rechargeable batteries are the best solution!

    The vibrations of these have more intensity than those that are powered by batteries. In addition to not have to bother to buy them... have more autonomy and are more powerful. All you need to do to keep your vibrator always loaded and at hand!

  • Rabbits
  • With Remote Control

    Games of Perfect Couples: it Gives you the command...

    Extremely fun games between couples. Imagine you place your vibrator and deliver the command to your teammate when you are at a dinner, a party, in a bar? It turns on when he wants and he can surprise you at any time!

  • Minis and Bullets

    Moments of pleasure guaranteed: preliminary perfect and the orgasms guaranteed!

    Ideal for the stimulation and clitoral either during masturbation or during sex. Are great for couples, pretty accurate and give you to take it discreetly anywhere! The vibration it transmits to us a feeling of tingling abysmal!

  • All the Vibrators

    All in one place.

  • Ponto G
  • Varinhas
  • Estimuladores de Clitóris
Showing 1 - 0 of 1 item
Showing 1 - 0 of 1 item

All of our vibrators are chosen in the best manufacturers and brands! We believe in quality at best prices! Are used to give pleasure to both men and women and provide orgasms more powerful and intense. If you never tried, what are you waiting for?

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